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Last Call for Vigil

After this last month I have decided to discontinue Vigil... yes, again.. I am fully aware we were gaining steam again, re-purposing our brand and bringing back the original sound, but that is beside the point.

I am sad to say that Dirge and I will no longer work together.. Since he hasn't expressed any interest, I haven't had any thoughts on who would be the new resident, and felt Vigil would not be the same with out him.

Knowing that a lot of you look forward, and hope for another night like this I am sure I can pull some strings come mid spring.

Hopefully having a similar sound and the similar price points for a venue. This was certainly my choice, possibly our choice. But I honestly can't speak for Dirge, I have been unable to reach him in regards to this subject.

But I know Middle East would be more than happy to have Vigil again, once I have a little more dependable income I am sure I will start another night that will hopefully be still in Central Sq.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, real reasons let me know..
I don't think talking about it to Dirge would help, so everyone please respect his space for right now.


Team Vigil

-Meghan Dahl
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