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"The Great Chrononaut Halls of Wonder" at wicked fair


So on February 20-22th I was asked to put some things together for every one who is coming to http://www.wickedfaire.com/

So these are just some of the things put together for the weekend just for you , with more to be spoken of soon.

Ladies and monsters I give you
"The Great Chrononaut Halls of Wonder"

Friday February 20th Steampunk Rooms "The Great Chrononaut Halls of Wonder" at
Buy your ticket here

6pm-12pm Vendors

7:00pm Art Show Contest Drop Off

Jay Lake pimpin
"The Jay lake's Steampunk Horological art show contest"
The world-famous fantasy and sci-fi writer Jay Lake (http://www.jlake.com/), author of the steampunk trilogy books Mainspring, Escapement and Tourbillon puts forth a challenge to everyone at Wicked Faire. Draw, paint, sketch, or even macaroni a piece of art inspired either by his wonderful books or by steampunk in general. The winner will be picked on the Saturday night of the convention at 9pm by super secret judges who are given this very power by Jay Lake himself. The winner will reserve bragging rights for the next year and some wonderful gifts from this very good and kind author.

"I will offer a Tuckerization as a prize in the upcoming art show.

That is, the winner's name (and if possible their general description) as a character in TOURBILLON, the third book in the clockpunk series begun with MAINSPRING. I reserve the right to consult on the use and form of the name, so that it fits the milieu of the book, but there are characters from many European cultures, as well as Arab, Somali, West African, South Asian and Chinese as well, so a match should be quite possible.

I will need the winner's name and information shortly after the event, and an email so I can correspond with them about exactly how the Tuckerization with work."-Jay Lake

and you never know, it could be Jay Lake in a box just for you.

8:30pm Fashion Show
A group of soon to be announced fashion designers from all around the world have come to Wicked Faire to show you their takes on Neo-Victorian, Dandy, Steampunk, and all manner of Neo-Vintage styles. One that we can announce is http://www.kvodesign.com/ . We encourage photographers to bring their best cameras: this will be an evening to capture forever. The spectacle of fashion will amazing and tantalize you in the main performance area.This show was put together by the one and only Britney Frady-Williams of

Satuday, February 21th at http://www.wickedfaire.com/
11am-10pm Vendors

1pm-8pm Cabinet Card Photo Booth
Have your day immortalized. A fabulous photographer will be present with a photo booth to take pictures in the tradition of the cabinet card portrait. A week after the convention, these photos will be posted to the convention website where they can be easily obtained by the people who have been photographed. This is an excellent chance to get a good picture of your day, even if you forgot your camera or the batteries died just before you got that new corset in the vending hall.

11am-9pm Art Show all day
The winner will be announced at 9pm, and their prizes will be given.

8pm Body Paint Contest is Judged
Welcome to the Palimpsest: An Exhibition of Flesh and Paint" body paint contest, in celebration of Catherynne M. Valente's newest novel, Palimpsest

(Music in trailer above by SJ Tucker http://www.skinnywhitechick.com )

"In the Cities of Coin and Spice and In the Night Garden introduced readers to the unique and intoxicating imagination of Catherynne M. Valente. Now she weaves a lyrically erotic spell of a place where the grotesque and the beautiful reside and the passport to our most secret fantasies begins with a stranger's kiss.…

Between life and death, dreaming and waking, at the train stop beyond the end of the world is the city of Palimpsest. To get there is a miracle, a mystery, a gift, and a curse—a voyage permitted only to those who've always believed there's another world than the one that meets the eye. Those fated to make the passage are marked forever by a map of that wondrous city tattooed on their flesh after a single orgasmic night. To this kingdom of ghost trains, lion-priests, living kanji, and cream-filled canals come four travelers: Oleg, a New York locksmith; the beekeeper November; Ludovico, a binder of rare books; and a young Japanese woman named Sei. They've each lost something important—a wife, a lover, a sister, a direction in life—and what they will find in Palimpsest is more than they could ever imagine. "

In this world, people wear maps and tattoos. Anyone attending Wicked Faire is welcome to join this contest. Simply paint your body in some way inspired by the new novel, Palimpsest. You must be street legal, but otherwise please be as creative as you like. Contestants could end up on the novel's website.

The contest will be judged by author Catherynne M. Valente at 8pm, who will determine the contestant who catches her fancy. The winner gets bragging rights, glory, photos, and goodies. Anyone who enters will receive a Palimpsest limited edition tattoo.

To come up with ideas for paint read this first short story that came before the novel

2pm-9pm The Steampunk Craft Swap
We all have tons of craft stuff sitting around the house, or clothing that we do not need but which is too cool to give away to Goodwill. Well, why not bring it with you, dump it all on a table and have everyone go to town picking out what they like. It can then go off and become some great project that may even be seen at the next night of the con, or even next year's event.

The rules of the swap:
*Everyone's got to put something on the table to take from the table
*First come first grab
*Only after everyone who's put something in and taken something out can the leftovers been riffled through by everyone
*No cash can be given for anything at the swap
*It's all supposed to be for fun and amusement

2pm The Great Tea Bag Mixer
Everyone has a few boxes of tea in their cupboard, and everyone has a box of tea that they got and may not be totally in in love with.... Well how about mixing it up.
Everyone who participates brings a box of tea, then everyone dumps their new sealed tea bags on a table and once every one has done so, everyone takes one of each and refills their box with the variety of teas we have all put down. Thus at the end you go home with an interesting sampler of teas and have passed on your tea that you may not have been in love with.

The Rules ot the tea mixer:
*Every one who brings a box of tea gets first dibs on fulling there box with the mix of whatever is on the table
*All tea bags put in to the mix have to be individually sealed, IE in a wrapper; we don't want the loose tea bags to get dirty, or else that will make your tea taste funny
*After everyone who's brought their tea bags along has filled there boxes, anything that's left is fair game for everyone else

3pm The Sports of Gentlemen, and Sometimes an Odd Lady
Luke will educate everyone on gentlemanly sports such as fencing, cricket, and whatever else suits his fancy. There will be demonstrations, and you may even get the chance to spar and fence for the visual entertainment of everyone at Wicked Faire.

3pm The Great High Over the Head Tea
There will be many types of tea and hot water, cookies, cake, caviar and crackers. All you need to do is show up and eat, and meet the people next to you doing the same.

Old Time Steampunk
4pm Steampunk 101 by G. D. Falksen
This lecture is intended to provide attendees with a background for approaching the growing steampunk subculture. We will be discussing some of the general themes found in steampunk writing, such as the overpowering presence of technology, the melding of modern social and technological themes (for example, computers) with a Victorian setting, and the issue of to what degree steampunk is "Victorian cyberpunk" and to what degree it is a unique genre with distinct features. Also addressed will be the issue of real-world technology during the steam age to help put this latter-day Victorian science fiction into a historical context (unbeknownst to many people the reality of steam age technology and ideas was in many ways even more incredible and bizarre than the fiction we have created for it). With that framework set up, the group will be opened to general discussion of modern steampunk as a subculture. Topics here would include that strengths, weaknesses and difficulties of forming a subculture out of a literary genre, steampunk as a visual aesthetic (here referencing both constructive artists such as Datamancer and von Slatt, and the issue of non-functioning technology or parts as decoration), the very recent flirtation with "do it yourself" and its effects upon the subculture, the intersection of steampunk and pulp, and of course the ever-popular steampunk fashion (likely to include a section on finding a reasonable compromise between the historical and the ficticious).
Samples of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab(http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/) will be given out at the end of the talk.

5pm "Welcome to Palimpsest: An Exhibition of Flesh reading and Q&A"


World famous award-winning fantasy author Catherynne M. Valente (http://www.catherynnemvalente.com/about/)is honoring Wicked Faire with a very special rare appearance. She will give a talk regarding her numerous well loved works, such as The Orphan's Tales series, where she will read from her newest novel, a baroque urban fantasy titled Palimpsest (forthcoming from Bantam Spectra in February). This is your chance to see the woman who has written the books you've come to love, and ask any questions you may have about them.
To get a peek at her latest work read the short story that sparked the Novel Palimpest

6pm Save Our S00j Charity Auction
As many of you know the great singer SJ Tucker (http://www.skinnywhitechick.com/). SJ Tucker was recently hospitalized and may require surgery. It looks likely that it may actually be appendicitis, although the doctors want to confirm this with another CT scan before they do any surgery.She is looking at medical bills that could go as high as twenty-five or thirty THOUSAND dollars by the time this is through. She has given you all the gift of her song and now is the time to give back and help. Wonderful items are to go up for auction. You bid on them and the highest bidder wins. All the money goes to help pay the medical cost of SJ Tucker.

6pm The Great "My Ray Gun is Bigger Than Yours"
Contest judged by http://www.myspace.com/barnowl66
Anyone who brings a prop ray gun or steampunk gun along with shows it off, and then at the end everyone lays them on the ground next to one another and the biggest and longest one wins a prize . This will make for some great photos and be terribly amusing for everyone.

Costume contest for steampunk, mad scientist, dandy and neo-victorian.
It will be judged by author G. D. Falksen (http://www.gdfalksen.com/)

Do not be shy. Get up there on the stage and show your outfit off. Get your photo taken and get candy. You never know, you might just win.

Because we expect everyone and their great uncle to either take part in this, watch it or photograph it, this will take place in the main performance space on stage where all the great costumes, outfits and personalities deserve to be in the first place.

Including prizes from:
*ESCAPEMENT by Jay Lake (http://us.macmillan.com/escapement)
*Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab(http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/)
*Weird Tales (http://www.weirdtales.net/),
*The Willows Magazine (http://www.thewillowsmagazine.com/index.htm)
*Death Rock Magazine (http://www.deathrockmagazine.com/)
*Professor Ocularo X-Ray Monocle (http://www.victorianhorrors.com)
*Alchemy Gothic (http://www.alchemygothic.com/)
*Lip Service (http://www.lip-service.com/)
*Exotic wears (http://www.exoticindiaart.com)
*Jaborwhalky Productions (http://www.jaborwhalky.net)
*Oldies (http://www.oldies.com)
*Midnight Syndicate (http://www.midnightsyndicate.com/)
*Manic Panic (http://www.manicpanic.com/)
*Metropolis Records (http://www.metropolis-records.com/)
*Master & Mistress (http://www.mastermistress.com/)
and much more.

Prizes will be given for three categories
* best costume male
* best costume female
* best costume group
Come dressed in you best and most imaginative costumes, and prepare to
show off and admire each other's creations.

As long as they last there will be small skeleton keys for all contestants

Vendors 1 - 4

1pm Hang Over High Tea
We will have all enjoyed the convention a little too much at this point, so let us all sit, drink tea, eat dry toast and marmalade and make sure we have eveyone's contact information just incase we find their missing corset in that room the party happened in.

1pm till everything is gone, the last of "Steampunk Craft Swap"
We all have tons of craft stuff sitting about our houses, or clothing we do not need but is too cool to give away to Goodwill. Well why not bring it with you and then dump it all on a table and every one goes to town picking out what they would like. This way it can go off to become some great project that that may even be seen at the next night of the con or next year's event. Then you have cleared out the bin of projects you would never get around to, thus making everyone happy and adding some extra uniqueness to your night.
The rules of the swap:
*Everyone's got to put something on the table to take from the table
*First come first grab
*Only after everyone who's put something in and taken something out can the leftovers been riffled through by everyone
*No cash can be given for anything at the swap
*It's all supposed to be for fun and amusement

All this, tons of free candy and soooo much more all at this years http://www.wickedfaire.com/ February 20th to 22th 2009
Buy your tickets now before they sell out boys and girls.



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