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September '11 - New England Scene Darkly

Here is the updated list of events in the goth, industrial, and fetish dance-club scene of New England for September.

New England Scene Darkly is a look at our ever-changing scene with an active list of links so you can get more information on where you can go dancing in clubs or events that play music relative to our mutual interests.
For some, this is just a reminder of when their favorites happen. For others, it's a fresh look at things to do they may not have been aware of. No matter which you are, please get out and support our scene to keep it alive and enjoyable for everyone involved!
The New England Scene Darkly calendar view is available to help you plan your schedules and it is constantly updated through the month.
The calendar is posted at

Here's the News...

- The folks from Jaded & Xmortis are doing a one-shot joint party... on a boat!
The Floating Fetish Ball Boston happens on the Freedom Cruise Ship behind Boston Harbor Hotel on September 23. Tickets and details are available at this link or the Facebook event page.
There is a meet and greet pre-party to give you a place to hang out before at Down Ultra Lounge 184 High St. in Boston where those who come early will be escorted to the boat in time for the launch. Details and RSVP on Facebook at this link.
All links for this event are also listed on the SeeDarkly calendar.

- Boston welcomed a new goth(+) event to the scene near the end of last month. It's called Superstition and happens one Friday each month to An Tua Nua. Its links are below and schedule is posted to the calendar.

- It seems that as soon as I had heard of Insurrection in Vermont, it canceled before its event last month due to venue closure. They are looking for a new venue. When they have it, I'll post details on the next monthly update and immediately to the calendar.

- Darq in Salem also has lost their venue. They are seeking another permanent home and as events are announced they will be posted to the calendar.

- Nokturnal has left Remi's in Providence. The weekly goth night on Sunday's at Remi's is now called Sally's Freakshow. The link for the event is included below and it is listed on the calendar.

- Thee Electric Affair at Remi's has also ended.

That is all I have for news, changes, and additions this month. If I hear of any other new events or one-shots that fit the criteria, they'll go directly on the calendar where I try to update the schedule as often as I'm aware of changes or additions.

As always, this is an inclusive effort and not meant to knowingly exclude anyone in the NE goth and fetish scene. If I've missed some vital info about something new or if something major has changed about an existing event (like broken or more appropriate links,) please be kind enough to let me know about it and I will verify and make additions or corrections as needed. Thank you.

Events below are weekly unless otherwise noted.

The CUTS are separated by region.
Links are embedded in the event name and will open to another browser or tab.

In Massachusetts (Boston area unless noted otherwise)

Dead Pool @ flattop johnny's (monthly)

Ceremony @ an tua nua - MySpace - Facebook

Attic @ Ramrod - Facebook

Haven @ diva's (Northampton) - MySpace - Facebook


Excess @ caprice/underbar (monthly) - Facebook

Temple @ caprice/underbar (monthly) - Facebook

Nexus @ black moon (Belchertown)(twice monthly) - Facebook


Xmortis @ tt the bears (monthly) - MySpace - Facebook

Superstition @ an tua nua (monthly) - Facebook

Darq @ venue tba (twice monthly - Salem) - MySpace - Facebook

Heroes @ tt the Bear's - MySpace - Facebook

Jaded @ gemstones (monthly - Lowell) - MySpace - Facebook

Sin-O-Matic @ machine (monthly) - MySpace - Facebook

In Rhode Island

Sally's Freakshow @ remi's - Facebook

Sin Fest Fetish Night @ club hell - MySpace - Facebook

Hathor's Garden @ remi's - Facebook

Providence Night Decadence @ club gallery - Facebook

NH or CT or ME or VT

Resurrection @ breezeway pub (Manchester,NH)(twice monthly) - Facebook

Plague @ the asylum (Portland, ME) - MySpace - Facebook


Ulteria @ partner's cafe (New Haven, CT)(monthly) - MySpace - Facebook

Note: This posting gets buried under a ton of other posts though the month (in my journal or these communities,) so if you need to find it mid-month, you could bookmark
"New England Scene Darkly" in my journal where you will always go directly to the last update.
You could also bookmark the calendar page if you prefer.
Any questions or comments are best left for me on my journal or via the contact info given there since I may not check public forum posts for comments after a few days have passed. Thanks.
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